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Mushrooms In The News

What globally renowned health institutions and media publications had to say...

  • National Library of Medicine

    The mystique of the Chaga mushroom's role in shaping the delicate equilibrium of our microbiota and, by extension, our neurological health comes sharply into focus, promising a paradigm shift in our understanding of natural remedies.

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  • Health

    Transcending the ordinary, shedding light on the extraordinary potential of these fungi to enhance cognitive function and promote overall well-being. As you navigate through the carefully curated pages of this enlightening piece, be prepared to uncover the science-backed revelations surrounding Lion's Mane mushrooms, heralding a new era in natural health solutions.

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  • Medical News Today

    Today's groundbreaking exploration of Lion's Mane mushroom. In this expertly crafted exposé, the article unveils a transformative revelation: the potential of Lion's Mane to double neuron growth, a revelation poised to redefine our understanding of memory improvement.

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  • Associated Press

    "As someone who uses Chaga, I am always pleasantly surprised by the sustained level of energy that a hot cup of this dark brew can provide." quoted by the author.

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  • Publication

    Chaga mushroom packs a medicinal punch that would make any tonic maker proud. This rugged fungus offers powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits through its high levels of superoxide dismutase, melanin pigments and triterpenes - helping to fight free radicals, reduce oxidative stress and chronic inflammation from the inside out.

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Store Testimonials

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  • Johnny Porter

    I stumbled into Olmpus in my search for a comprehensive mushroom complex that didn't taste bad or left bad taste in mouth so was searching for it form of gummies, I tried a lot in the form of capsules and powders but no, kept getting sick to my stomach until I found these, rest is history.

    Loving the the range of the products, the support, the sense of community. it feels right.

    Amazing work ya'all

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  • Steve Carell

    I tried a few mushroom coffee infusions on the market but often kept getting these shroomy after taste until I found Olmpus's Coffee Infusion.

    It's just tastes like coffee, but when it comes to powers, oh boyyy far better focus, energy all-day and the cherry on top is anti-oxidants 😍

    I'm forever grateful guys 🫡

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  • Samantha Lewis

    Loving it, I'm really shocked where these goodie mushrooms infusions coffee existed for some time now and I just found out about them.

    And the guys at Olmpus made my first order a memorable experience when one of the items was mistakenly missed. they offered me a 5x it's value store credit and made things right from the very first moment. you earned a life-time customer gent's 🤝

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  • Moe Qasem

    These 🍄 things hit differently 🔥

    And the fact that you guys took it on yourself personally to educate me about it before buying just blew me away.

    Can't wait for you guys to roll out the complex formula mentioned in your newsletter 👀

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